HiYDrait was founded in October 2020 but the idea started in 2012 when I was living in Tampa, Florida during undergraduate and working at a local juice bar where health and wellness became more than a diet fad. During the day, I learned the benefits of whole foods and hydration, and at night I studied international development to earn my degree. As I discovered the benefits of hydration and whole foods I started making my own handmade bath and body products and switched my diet from cafeteria food to more whole foods (where I could)!

After earning my degree, I moved to Washington, D.C. and landed a job in my field and worked at a juice bar and yoga studio in the evenings where I continued to pursue learning the health and wellness industry by working at local businesses. The impact of nourishing your mind and body with simple ingredients is incredible and has been at the foundation of my own self-care routine (which is always evolving). As health and wellness has grown, my idea to start my own venture also evolved and grew. 

After eight years of neglecting to bring life to my business, I put the fear of failure aside and decided to pursue this venture. HiYDrait is more than bath and body, it's about your well-being and the goal is to constantly nourish the body and mind with simple ingredients aimed to enhance your sense of self and own your own unique you.  Nourish to Flourish!