Self Care and Body Positivity are at the Essence of HiYDrait

Self Care and Body Positivity are at the Essence of HiYDrait

Rachel Baranowski

Self-care and body positivity are at the essence of HiYDrait. While the products are designed to hydrate and moisturize your skin, HiYDrait focuses on your well-being, by prioritizing your body and your dreams. Our goal is to nourish your body and mind with simple ingredients aimed to enhance your sense of self. Health, wellness and the interest in simple, natural and “clean” ingredients has become not just a trend but a lifestyle for many.

As self-care becomes increasingly mainstream, there is an opportunity for each of us to create time for ourselves and not feel guilty about doing so. One key part of HiYDrait is to enhance your self-care experience, whatever that experience looks and feels like to you. Our products DO NOT and WILL NEVER suggest you will look “years younger” or promote a negative body culture such as getting ready for “bikini season.” These types of promotional sayings perpetuate negative body images while masked under “self-care.” HiYDrait rejects these types of narratives and instead wants to embrace and encourage your unique self. We will ALWAYS support you in feeling your best when using our products, and we are always open to new suggestions.

HiYDrait is here to create a community where simple, natural products and body positivity are at the forefront of what we do. Please check us out on our site to learn more about our products and shoot us a message on Facebook, Instagram or via email! We look forward to you joining the community.

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